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1. About Me


It all began with a couple of thoughts while watching and observing the music behind films. Thoughts of experimentation that I had since my early childhood passing through my early years in the imaginary world of music composition. Why does that film’s score evoke my ‘x’ or ‘y’ feeling and why at the same time, when I am filtering that through logic, I hear instruments and music scales that have nothing to do with the location this film is based on? I wonder what would happen if I change this instrument with that instrument, introduce and blend exotic scales between different scenes in order to create new emotional textures et cetera. This skepticism has brought me to this point where I felt the need to explore into more depth the music behind the picture and create my own unique portfolio of works in which I wish to discover new music paths as well as seeing how these may reflect to my own personality.


2. Abstract / Acknowledgements


This PhD thesis will concentrate in the construction of a portfolio of compositions specifically written for the moving image. There will be an effort to achieve a number of different scores composed mainly for ethnic instruments and the classical orchestra. All of the work will be concentrating in the ethnomusicological validity and examined under the prism of originality. This portfolio of music scores will include music pieces written in four different areas; silent films, post-modern films, documentaries and video games. Silent film compositions will be based on the ancient eastern world exploring and drawing comparisons between the different compositional approaches. It will be an effort of in depth examination of the musical roots based on the current time and location the film is set.


The modern film and video games section will concentrate in the science fiction genre where there is a certain connection observed through the last years in view of the writing style and instrumentation. Finally, Documentaries will include pieces written for certain areas of the planet e.g. Africa, Oceania, Middle East, while a quite interesting field which will be dealt with great interest will be the exploration of space. In that way one could have the ability to draw direct comparisons with the science fiction genre in the previous two categories of moving image.


This portfolio construction will give the opportunity to explore and investigate in depth many of the theoretical and practical issues that continue to evolve in a parallel mode with the growth of the films and games industry. What is also important is the analysis that will take place in multiple dimensions considering the connections and dissimilarities between those genres.


Music cannot be written without any form of inspiration and guidance. And also in order to take a big step forward you must first make sure that you have solid foundations and genuine support.

Therefore, I would firstly and most importantly like to express my most sincere gratitude to my PhD supervisor and personal mentor Dr. Julio D’Escrivan to whom I owe the biggest part of realizing this project. His support throughout time was unquestionably vital in both terms of academic research and psychological support. His special way of transmitting positive energy together with his theoretical knowledge and music skills contributed to a greater extent in each of our personal meetings. Above all, I would like to thank him for making me believe in myself by treating me respectfully and as equal.

Secondly, I would like to thank my close surrounding circles but mostly my brother and close friends for having confidence in me and support me in any way they could at any time given. They were the people that all I had to do is think about them in my times of difficulty in order to find the strength to carry on. I would also like to thank my parents for their patience and long term financial support as without it I would not have the luxury of chasing and realizing my dream.

Last but not least, I would like to thank the University of Huddersfield and the staff that I had the chance of cooperating with (Monty Adkins, Frances Phillips, Tony Gray, et al.) for all their support and immediate help provided at any stage of my research. Their sense of humanity and commitment made a significant contribution to my progression.

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